5 Best Things About Spring Season


Spring season makes me happy! This is the season when people feel more positive and energetic and I belong to this tribe. Here I am sharing the five best things about the spring season.

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After a grey and gloomy winter days, this season brings lots of happy vibes. In other words, I feel positive and motivated in this season. Yes, this season does affect my mental health and overall well being. And I am sure, I’m not alone here – there are many people out there who feel the same.

There are many reasons why you might love and can’t wait for this season to arrive. But among them, I have picked the top five reasons that certainly make you fall in love with the spring season.

1. More Sunlight and Pleasant Weather

With the arrival of spring comes more daylight. With the rise in daylight hours, you will certainly feel more energy all day long. I just love opening my bedroom curtains every day in the morning and when sunlight streams in through the window it naturally lifts the mood. This feels like the best and most positive way to start my day. As we all know natural light in the home has so many health benefits, it not only boosts our productivity and positivity but also plays a key role in our sleep cycle.

2. Colourful Flowers Everywhere

In this crazy world where work takes priority and technology is taking over, watching flowers growing everywhere is one of the best ways to relieve stress. Flowers not only trigger happy emotions they also have a strong positive effect on our emotional well being. Spring is the season where a variety of flowers are in their full bloom which in turn means happiness in the air – everywhere!

3. More Outdoor Activities

More sunlight and longer days demand outdoor activities. You can plan camping or fishing in this season. Most of the cities in the UK offer you to explore their beauty on foot. This is also the best season to visit the English countryside which is full of colourful flowers. (Read here our experience in Cotswolds)

4. Perfect Temperature to Visit Gardens and Natural Parks

Spring is the perfect season for nature trips if you don’t want to miss the beauty spread everywhere. Colourful flowers and perfect temperature certainly tempt us to go for a day outing or a picnic in a nice park. In this season, no matter which natural park you visit, you are certainly going to see colourful butterflies, birds and insects all over the park buzzing around and collecting pollen – making the sight even more beautiful.

5. Best Season for Photography

Spring is the favourite time of the year for nature photography. Spring brings fresh and crisp light for them and the vista becomes perfect for photography. In other words, you can say that this is the season when Mother Nature seems to be in her happy mood and you can easily see something new, and exciting growth in your garden or parks every week. 

Apart from taking pictures of flowers, birds and bugs, spring also gives you the opportunity to capture creatures like pheasants and deer in fields, as they are a little easy to spot in this season. With the sun lower in the sky, you can capture superb cloudscapes with minimal effort. 

In short, Mother Nature is in the favour of the photographers in this season, offering the best of everything to capture her beauty. So you should never miss out on this opportunity to take plenty of photographs that really express the wonders of spring.

What is your favourite season and what do you like about it?

This blog post is part of the blog challenge ‘Blogaberry Dazzle’ hosted by Cindy D’Silva and Noor Anand Chawla.

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