About Me

About Me

Hey guys! I’m Abha, a Software Analyst by profession and a passionate writer by heart. Super excited that you’re here today.

The story of ‘The Blissful Aura’ kicks off around 2011, back when blogging wasn’t all the rage. I started this blog with a simple mission: to stash away my travel memories in a cozy spot for future revisits. Little did I know it would blossom into my creative sanctuary, where I could spill the beans on my personal and travel escapades, along with the whimsical thoughts swirling in my mind. And hey, along the way, I’ve made some amazing connections with bestselling authors and rockstar bloggers. I even got the chance to contribute to this awesome anthology called ‘The Woman That I Am,’ curated by my dear writer buddies. Writing has truly changed my life.

I see myself as a regular woman who believes in immortalizing life’s extraordinary moments, weaving together a colorful quilt of precious memories for myself and giving others the chance to revel in their beauty. That’s what drives this blog. Armed with my digital pen, I’ve embarked on an incredible journey of self-expression, hoping to inspire you all to seize the world’s beauty before its too late.

Here’s a little about me:

I’m a proud Indian, an enthusiastic explorer of Mother Nature’s wonders. I dive into captivating books and savor the diverse culinary delights this world has to offer. Every journey I undertake becomes an opportunity to transport others through my vivid storytelling.

At a personal level, I embrace the enigma of sleepless nights and the art of procrastination. Yet, I am also driven by ambition, practicality, and unwavering resilience.

Currently, I reside in the US with my loving husband and cherished daughters. I find joy in adorning Indian attire, relishing the vibrant flavors of street food, getting lost in heart-tugging movies, and delving into the beauty of Hindi poetry. Oh, and let’s not forget beach getaways and globe-trotting adventures with my family—they complete the kaleidoscope of my passions.

Through Blissful Aura, my ultimate aspiration is to share the extraordinary mosaic of my multi-sensory encounters with readers like you, offering relatability, inspiration, and profound insights. So, hop on board this thrilling journey, and let’s dive into the magic together.

P.S. You can catch my poetic musings and captivating travel stories on Instagram at poetrybyabhachhavi and theblissfulaura.