Father’s Day!

Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to all the outstanding fathers out there and cheers to the fatherhood! Today was a special day for Pakhi. She woke up before her father in the morning and started looking for something right away.

I asked, “What are you looking for?”

She answered, “Do you know where my drawing book is?”

She started drawing as soon as I helped her find her drawing books and colors. Then I remembered that I told her last night about Father’s Day. I knew she was going to draw something for her father as she always draws her emotions on paper.

As she is turning five next month, she has started drawing some of her favorite stuff and emotions on paper. After handing over the drawing material I got busy in my morning chores. After a while, she came to me and said, “Look! I drew this for Baba[1]! When he wakes up this will be my gift for him!”

Her father was so happy when he saw this. No one could ask for more. I think this was the best Father’s Day gift for him.

[1] She calls her father “Baba” which is Bengali for dad.

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