The Journey of Parenthood

I still remember - almost 7 years back I was a free soul! And then, I embraced motherhood, and it changed my world forever.

It certainly makes me question everything, while at times, it also feels like I know everything. No doubt, it’s demanding, exhausting and tiring but on the other hand, it also gives purpose to our life.

This morning, I read an article and came across this beautiful metaphor For childhood to parenthood journey that every parent can relate to :

You lived on Earth, very happily, for many years. Then you’re packed onto a spaceship and sent to another planet. You can always see Earth from your new planet, and you know you can never return. Sometimes this stabs you in the heart. This other planet is very different and strange at first, but you come to love it. It has its own joys and pains and secrets and pleasures. You accept it as your new home, remembering Earth as a distant, fond memory


In my opinion, the first-time parents struggle more than the second-time parents. I felt more mature and strong when my second baby was born. I found myself more informed, calm and everything came naturally.

Bonding with the older kid while caring for the baby

The challenge that the second-time parent can’t deny is how to handle your older kid while taking care of your newborn. For us, this part wasn’t easy. My elder daughter became more clingy and insecure when my second one was born. I know, children always need intimacy and loving contact even beyond their initial stages. And we can’t blame their behavior during this transition stage, where they are going to share their parents with another human being. We tried our best to handle this part by giving her more attention in every possible way. Those days were not easy for us but eventually, we both achieved this - together.

Life as a mother of two

It is quite exciting actually - it’s not just that my kids are learning to bond with each other, I am also growing as a mother. In the beginning, it wasn’t easy for me to face moments like when the little one was crying and my elder one needed me, especially when I am alone. Then I found my own ways to tackle those moments.

Now, I am happy to see that my kids are not only bonding with each other, but they are also learning life skills like sharing and caring. They fight, cuddle and sometimes hurt each other. But the best part is we all are enjoying it together as a family.

Perfect parenting is an illusion

There is no such thing like perfect parent or perfect parenting. For me, it feels like you have been given a topic and you have to use your creativity, experience, and imagination to write a very impressive article. And when the world reads this article, they should say that the writer did a splendid job.

In short, parenting should be good enough for your child to feel them secure, loved and competent. We have to set our own standards for parenting by being more thoughtful and realistic.

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