7 Differences Between Living In The UK And The USA

7 Differences Between Living In The UK And The USA


If you’re thinking about moving from the UK to the USA, or the other way around, this article is here to share seven key differences you should know about living in these two countries. It will provide you with insights into what makes daily life unique in each place and help you prepare for the changes that come with such a move.

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I’m an Indian who spent some time in the USA, then moved to the UK for three years, and recently came back to the USA. Even though my stay in the UK was temporary, I noticed some interesting differences that I want to share with you in this post. It’s not just about which side of the road you drive on, fancy English accents, or sophisticated folks. These two countries are unique in every possible way.

So, let’s explore the differences between the UK and the USA to figure out what makes each of them a great place to live.

1. Train system and public transportation are better in the UK vs the USA

In the UK, the train system is awesome! It’s way more reliable and easy to use compared to the United States. Whether you’re hopping on ‘The Tube’ in London or taking intercity trains, you can go almost anywhere without stressing about having a car. Here, everyone, rich or not, takes the train to go places, and driving is mostly saved for special occasions. It’s a lot more convenient than in the USA.

2. The average US salary is higher than the average salary in the UK

Living in the UK can be expensive, and sometimes the money employers offer doesn’t feel like enough, especially when you compare it to what people get in the US. The difference in how much you get paid is because of a bunch of things, like how pricey it is to live there, the healthcare system, and the benefits you have to get. Your salary can also be different based on your gender, how old you are, and the kind of job you do. A survey even showed that out of all the countries, the US has the most money people make on average.

3. Weather is far more predictable in the US than in the UK

Living in the UK means there’s a good chance of rain almost every day, and planning based on the weather forecast is tricky—it can change in just six hours! I’ve personally felt that uncertainty. But there’s a reason behind it: being surrounded by different air streams as an island nation makes British weather unique and hard to predict. Now, if you compare that to the weather in the US, it’s way more predictable here.

4. Houses are much closer together in the UK vs the US

Back in the UK, I lived in a house that was connected to another one, sort of like a twin house, but it was in the suburbs, not in big cities like London or Oxford. Most houses in the UK, around 80%, are connected to at least one other house. Unlike in the US, having a house all by itself (detached) is not very common, and it costs a lot more than getting a house that’s connected to another one.

5. Cell phone bills are way cheaper in the UK than in the US

Did your phone bill go up a lot when you moved to the USA from the UK? Well, that’s because cellphone service in the US is one of the most expensive in the world. So, when you’re in the USA, pick your cellphone provider carefully to save some money.

6. Laundry is a very different experience in the US vs the UK

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Most British homes don’t have dryers because the old houses are too small, and also, energy costs are high. People in the UK usually dry their clothes outside on a line or inside on something called a clothes horse (or sometimes over the radiators). It’s fine when the weather is warm and sunny, but when it gets cool and damp, doing laundry becomes a big hassle.

7. The National Health Care System is better in the UK vs the USA

In the UK, everyone chips in through taxes to have a national healthcare system. It’s like a safety net for everyone. But in the US, it’s a bit complicated. There’s a mix of private insurance and government programs, usually handled by private companies. Sometimes, the same medicine or procedure can cost way more in the US than in the UK.

In the UK, if you live there, you automatically get free healthcare through the National Health Service, which covers hospitals, doctors, and mental health care. That’s something we miss in the USA.


The US and UK are quite different, even though they share the same language. You can easily spot many distinctions between them. The UK is smaller than the USA. In the UK, you can explore beautiful places within an hour by train, while in the USA, it might take 5 to 6 hours to reach another city. The UK has a better healthcare system, but houses in the USA are more spacious and affordable. When it comes to weather and average income, the USA has the edge. So, it’s your call to decide which country suits your preferences better.

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