2023 Rewind: Memories That Made My Year Remarkable

2023 Rewind: Memories That Made My Year Remarkable


Looking back at the memories of 2023, I’m feeling all sorts of emotions as I think about the incredible journey that brought me from England to Texas. Here I am sharing some memories and moments of 2023 that made my year remarkable.

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Transition to Texas: A New Chapter Unfolds

About four years ago, England welcomed me with open arms and it felt like entering a lovely storybook. The green landscapes, the old stone streets, and those comfy teashops gave me a feeling like I was in something really special. Living there felt like residing in a magical place that I cherished deeply.

But life had another adventure in store for me - a move to Texas. Settling here felt like opening a new chapter in my favorite book. I had been in Texas before, but returning after the pandemic was like discovering a whole new world. Imagine this: from hearing refined British accents to suddenly experiencing a Texan drawl from an Uber driver – that’s when I realized, “Welcome to Texas!” In that 40-minute ride, the friendly driver shared stories about how people faced the pandemic here. He even guessed we were from England because of my kids’ accents – it’s that accent thing!

The difference between England’s polished charm and Texas’s lively spirit was both exciting and humbling. Each place had its magic, filling my memories with a mix of love and newfound excitement.

Home Is Where You Belong

Throughout the years, I’ve come to realize that home is more than just a location—it’s about that sense of belonging. The memories of England’s charming streets and tranquil atmosphere are close to my heart, yet I’ve also developed an appreciation for Texas with its various outdoor activities, numerous state parks, diverse cultures, and a plethora of restaurants to explore.

Reflecting on this journey, I’ve come to understand that it’s not only the places but also the people and experiences that shape us. I hold a deep gratitude for the stories I’ve lived, and I’m excited about the possibilities the future holds.

Daughter’s Adaptation: A Heartwarming Journey

I’ve been amazed at how well my 11-year-old daughter adjusted to our move. At first, she was a bit unsure about leaving her friends and the familiar streets of England, but she quickly found comfort in the friendly Texas atmosphere. Our camping trips in Texas’s state parks have become special adventures, especially when we braved the thunderstorm on our first camping trip, creating memories she loves to talk about.

Seeing her make friends and enjoy every moment here warms my heart. Her excitement and happiness in discovering this new place have made our move to Texas even more special and satisfying.

Settling into Texas Life: Carrying Both Worlds Within

As I settle into life here in Texas, I carry bits of both worlds within me - the memories I treasure and the thrill of the journey that lies ahead. For us, the standout feature of Texas is the abundance of outdoor activities, allowing us to enjoy pursuits that were limited in England due to weather restrictions. But I still think about England a lot, and I often get lost in the memories of the beautiful years we had there.

Proud Moments of 2023

Apart from settling in the Lone Star state, I’m proud of personal achievements in 2023:

  • Learning to Swim

    Learning to swim has been a big deal for me, even though I’m just starting. I never had the chance to learn before, so I decided to use the Texas heat as an opportunity to get comfortable in the water. Each step forward brings me a lot of happiness and makes me feel like I have accomplished something.

  • Blog Migration

    I am thrilled to share another exciting development: I’ve transferred my blog from WordPress to my self-hosted static website. This move not only saves me money but also significantly improves my blog’s performance. Now, I have complete control over its features with just a few lines of code, providing a liberating sense of independence from WordPress and other paid services.

  • Freelancing Milestone

    I achieved a new milestone in my freelancing journey, which began in England, but gained momentum after I moved to the USA. They often say the US is full of opportunities, and I have experienced this firsthand, especially in the field of IT. This accomplishment brings me immense joy and keeps me motivated.

  • YouTube Success

    My YouTube channel now has more than 1000 subscribers, and the audience keeps growing every month. It’s amazing to see some of my poems becoming popular. This increase in viewership motivates me to continue my creative journey, which I had almost paused because of work and family responsibilities.

These might not be big achievements, but they made my 2023 special. I feel proud and happy heading into 2024, with goals to grow, write more, and learn new things to become even better. As the year ends, I want to express my gratitude to my family and friends who’ve been my rock. A big shoutout to the blogging community too, for always keeping me motivated to read and write.

Here are my wishes for my wonderful writing community:

May the upcoming year overflow with inspiration, effortless words, and stories that light up your soul. Here’s to countless moments of creativity, joy in every sentence, and the unwavering support of fellow writers. Happy New Year, and may your pens dance with the magic of storytelling!

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