How Writing Has Changed Me: A Poet and Blogger’s Tale

How Writing Has Changed Me: A Poet and Blogger’s Tale


You know, when I was growing up, I never even dreamed of becoming a writer or blogger. But guess what? Life has its surprises, and I couldn’t be more thankful that writing has become my constant companion on this incredible journey of self-discovery. It all began when I stumbled upon my passion for poetry and blogging. It wasn’t a sudden revelation; it crept up on me, slowly but surely. I started to see that writing was more than just words on a page; it was a window into my soul. Today, I want to open up and share how this beautiful journey of writing has changed me and my entire world. I hope that my fellow writers out there can relate to my journey, finding a piece of their own story within mine.

Without any more waiting, let’s dive into the story of my transformation and the incredible journey of self-discovery, all made possible by writing.

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Discovering My Voice

Back in my early years, the world of books was like a distant land for me. My literary world was confined to textbooks, a handful of stories, and a collection of comic books. It was a bit later when I truly understood the magic of reading. I realized that it could reshape the way I looked at the world. And guess what happened next? I started to write. My journey started with a personal blog, a place where my thoughts found a home. But then, a beautiful twist emerged. I discovered a deep love for poetry. I am happy to say that poetry helped me find my own way of expressing myself.

Even though I still think of myself as a novice poet, it is more about feeling a sense of achievement after writing a poem. Writing has given me a way to share my feelings and thoughts. And more than that, it has let me explore my inner self.

Welcoming Openness

Sometimes, sharing your feelings is not easy due to the fear of judgment. However, I have realized that expressing fears and insecurities through writing can make you stronger. I have learned to embrace vulnerability through writing, which has helped me confront fears, share insecurities, and celebrate joys. Many readers appreciate heartfelt articles. Through this journey, I have learned that being open and honest in writing is not a weakness; it is a source of strength.

Connecting with Others Through Blogging

Initially, I did not take blogging seriously. But today I can say that blogging opened up a whole new world of possibilities to me. It allowed me to connect with a global audience and gave me a chance to meet new people. Moreover, it gave me a platform to share my experiences, thoughts, and stories. I made friends, I learned, and I grew as a person.

Becoming a Better Writer

One thing I am proud of is that blogging pushed me to become a better writer. The more I wrote, the more I honed my skills. It’s like learning any other skill, such as playing a musical instrument, where practice is crucial. With each post, I improved my craft. I learned that becoming a good writer requires reading and keen observation.

Learning and Growing

For me, writing especially blogging is not just about sharing my thoughts. It is an ongoing journey of learning from others. The comments and interactions with readers continue to expand my horizons, introduce me to new perspectives, and encourage my personal growth. It is like having ongoing conversations with the world, and it is changing me in beautiful ways every day.

Seeing Beauty in Everyday Life

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Life is beautiful, but the irony is that many of us fail to realize that. Writing poems and blogging have taught me to see the beauty in everyday life. Whether it is capturing the fleeting moment of a sunrise or finding joy in a cup of morning tea, writing has helped me appreciate the simple wonders that surround us.

Overcoming Challenges

Writers need ideas, stories, and a lot of inspiration to write. Ask any poet or blogger they will tell you that, like any other art, writing also comes with its fair share of challenges. There are moments of writer’s block, self-doubt, and the fear of not being good enough. However, the best part is that each challenge gives you an opportunity for growth. For me, challenges are like a chance to prove to myself that I can overcome obstacles with words.

Inspiring Change

Words have the power to inspire change and your writing, thoughts, and suggestions can touch many lives. In my blog, I predominantly write about my travel experiences with the intention of helping fellow travelers. Through blogging, I share stories that motivate and assist others in planning their journeys. Apparently, many people can relate to my journey and find the motivation to pursue their passions.

Finding Balance

We all have responsibilities that we cannot ignore, but we also need to do things that give us pleasure. We cannot achieve balance without making time for both. For me, writing is my happy place. It has taught me the importance of balance. Also, writing is not just about filling pages; it is about living a life worth writing about. You cannot describe a moment or place in your writing for people to relate to if you haven’t experienced it fully.

Final Words

I have witnessed several changes in my personality during my writing journey. While I’m unsure if I’m a good writer, I’ve become a more open-hearted individual and a source of inspiration for others.

One piece of advice I’d like to offer my readers: If you’re on your writing journey, regardless of your chosen form of expression, keep in mind that every word you write has the potential to change both you and the world around you. Writing is more than a skill; it’s a transformative journey. It holds the power to touch hearts and minds, one word at a time. We should embrace it, cherish it, and allow it to change us for the better.

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