Travel, To Discover Yourself


One of the many benefits of travel is that it lets you discover yourself. These lines are for the poor souls out there who are missing this adventure.

How many times do we tell ourselves that we don’t have time or money to travel, knowing that it’s not a valid excuse? On the one hand, we want all the fun and benefits that travelling gives us, while on the other, we are also scared to step out of our comfort zone. But let me tell you one thing - not only travelling gives you a chance to discover yourself, but it also lets you see things from a different perspective.

We all need inspiration and a little push to do great things. Travelling is no exception here. At some point, every traveller needs the motivation to keep their journey on a roll. One thing is certain, just like an unpredictable future, you can’t imagine what your new travel destination has in store for you.

These lines are for the people who are still struggling to take their chance and missing all the fun travelling has in store for them.

Life is short, travel before you run out of time,

Go on a trip, sit on the beach and feel the sunshine.

Travel and see the world through your eyes,

Admire the beauty of nature and the blue skies.

Turn the pages of the book with the title ‘World’,

Travel and see how your imagination has unfurled.

Take a chance and live life to the fullest,

Explore the cities, beaches, hills, deserts and a magical forest.

Travel will arouse a storyteller inside you,

It will broaden your mind and make your dreams come true.

Along the way, you will interact with new people and witness a new culture,

Trust me, you will find more than you can imagine in this venture.

Every travel will leave you urging for more,

And soon you will become an addict and forever ready to explore.

You will start adding more to your bucket list and calendar,

You will feel like time is slipping away and plenty is yet to discover.

Though travelling isn’t always easy and comfortable,

It’s packed with challenges and often introduces you to a new trouble.

It leaves marks on your soul and at times breaks your heart,

But, in turn, it teaches lessons, changes perspective and gives strength to restart.

The true travellers have an incurable lust for adventure,

No wonder, they always discover places to explore and wander.

By collecting wisdom, the humanity inside them happily thrives,

And as someone said, ‘The true traveller never arrives.’

So, start travelling, exploring, dreaming and discovering before it’s too late.

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