A Mother is not Just a Mother


A mother is not just a mother, she is much more than that; She has an identity and a persona to make a positive impact.

I am not just a mother I am me.

Yes, a mother is not just a mother - she is much more than that. I love being a mother, I love my kids and I can do anything for them. But I also have my own identity and I don’t want to lose myself in motherhood. Believe me, you can be a better and happy mother if you have an identity beyond motherhood.

Following lines is a reflection of my thoughts about how easily we judge a mother who is doing her best but also chooses her interests and is determined to not lose her own identity in the journey of motherhood.

A Mother is not Just a Mother

A mother is not just a mother, she is much more than that;
She has an identity and a persona to make a great impact.
She has her own passions, ambitions and amazing abilities;
And let’s not forget, she has a heart full of love and hands full of responsibilities.

Despite being a multitasker, she doesn’t mind a helping hand;
All she desires is motivation, respect, and someone to understand.
It is obvious that she prefers to do her chores perfectly,
But unfortunately, failures do let her feel less worthy.

Her love is unconditional – the best part of being a mother;
And in spite of challenges and struggles, she can gracefully pull herself together.
Though she never gives up, but she does get upset when people judge;
Amid all the juggles she embraces everything without a grudge.

She is dedicated to making a life of her own choices;
She is also raising tiny humans by ignoring all haunting voices.
She gains strength to stand for herself by simply listening to her heart,
And the power inside her never lets her fall apart.

She really wants to maintain her personal identity;
She wants to become a better and happiest mother with dignity.
A mother is a mother, not to be judged, but to appreciate her real wonder,
She may be a career woman, but deep down, she is an incredible mother.

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