Sister - A Friend Forever


Whether it’s a sister or brother, they are your friend forever! Here, I am dedicating a few simple lines to my philanthropic sister.

What does it feels like having a sibling? Certainly, the answer is not the same for everyone, seeing that every family is different in its own way. But one thing is certain that having one, two or more siblings definitely gives us exposure to a variety of temperaments and interactions. It teaches us that the world doesn’t just revolve around ourselves and makes us more selfless. It also prepares us to share and develop ways of interacting with others. Apart from these social skills, it gives us an opportunity of having someone to support us and watch our back. Whether it’s a sister or brother, they are friends forever!

For me, I am lucky enough to grow up with my siblings by making loads of childhood memories to revere. Although I adore all my siblings, my elder sister is my all-time favorite.

After a humble poem on mothers(read here), here I am dedicating a few simple lines to my philanthropic sister. Of course, there are some amazing poems on sisters written by legends, but I decided to give it a shot, nonetheless.

To my amazing sister and the greatest gift of my life,
Together we shared indelible moments of love and strife.

Though miles may lie between us, we are never far apart,
Like always, you still hold a special place in my heart.

The beautiful soul inside you makes you even more special,
No doubt, you were always the family’s favorite and I was the rebel.

We shared dresses, dreams, secrets and sometimes tears,
You were the one who guided me to overcome my fears.

For me, you were the shoulder to cry on when things went wrong,
You are the one who also taught me how to be strong.

You always tolerate my impulsive madness,
But to your nosy sister, you never said - “Mind your own business”!

In my griefs and joys, I always wish for your presence,
I will never forget your patience and the level of tolerance.

I know, you always cared and never let anyone down,
You are the person who always helped without a frown.

Our fights, arguments and endless talks, that’s what I am missing nowadays,
Our endearing childhood memories are haunting me in many ways.

Now watching my daughters playing and growing together,
I wish they also share the sister-bond like us and become friends forever.

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